The Psychological State to Hinder Interpersonal Interactions of Women

The Psychological State to Hinder Interpersonal Interactions of Women
The Psychological State to Hinder Interpersonal Interactions of Women

Social psychologists after tracking survey found in interpersonal interactions, person with unhealthy psychological condition often cannot have a harmonious, friendly and trusted relationship. In getting along with people, they can't get pleasure, and cannot give people good help. In order to have a harmonious happy relationships, social psychologist concludes the following several common adverse psychological state, female friends should avoid them in communication with other people.

1. Inferiority mentality

Some women friends because of appearance, figure, accomplishment and other factors, have inferiority mentality in their communicating with others, dare not express own point of view, lack of courage, get used to hesitate. In communication, they cannot provide others with valuable opinions and suggestions, which let people feel that it is a waste of time to get along with them, and naturally avoid them.

2. The envy psychology

Some say jealousy is women's nature, especially in the process of intercourse with people, which should be paid attention to by female friends! As to others’ advantages and achievement, they do not praise but envy, even expect others to have misfortune. Suppose, such person never gives sincere behavior, give people warm in interpersonal communication, they naturally will not be popular.

3. Suspicious psychology

The most taboo is suspicion between friends. Some people are always suspicious that others are doing or speaking the negative things to themselves, and lack the basic trust to others. Such people like gossip, which can make friends think she is a trouble-maker and away from them.

4. Selfishness psychology

Some people always want to obtain benefits. Or they covet the position of others, or want to have some benefits from others, or ask help. If others have no substantial help to them, they will not be willing to exchange with others. This kind of selfish psychology is easy to hurt others, once people recognize its true ideas, they will resolutely interrupt association with those people.

5. Cold psychology

Some people are indulged in self-admiration. They think that they are the best in the world, and consider their interaction with people as a charity or favor to others. They feel they are particularly good, always in the high position, with a pair of pride apathy, and let others can't also not willing to close, so they naturally won't have friends.