Techniques Used For Tarpon Fishing

Techniques Used For Tarpon Fishing
Techniques Used For Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing is gaining popularity throughout the world. Usually, tarpon can grow up to 5–8 ft. long and weigh 80–280 lbs but are not commercially valuable as a food fish. They are renowned as game fish due to its huge size and aggressive fighting nature when hooked. They are very strong and can make spectacular leaps into the air. There are several fishing tournaments around the year which car focused on catching these aggressive game fish. Among them, the typical 80-day Florida tarpon fishing attracts a large number of fishing enthusiasts from different parts of the world to Boca Grande to witness and capture some huge tarpons.

It is estimated that each year around 5,000 tarpons arrive at Boca Grande Pass during the tarpon fishing season. Since, it attracts a massive number of tarpons, Boca Grande Pass is known as world's best tarpon fishing holes. More and more fishing enthusiasts visit Boca Grande each year to capture some amazing tarpons, but fishing tarpon is considered to be difficult due to tarpon’s fighting nature. Now, experienced bocagrande fishing guides are available to help people capture tarpons with ease. They offer tips, strategies and techniques to capture tarpons safely in large amounts.

Modern bocagrande fishing charters with advanced motors are specifically designed to carry a large group of people to the fishing hot spots in time. If you are planning to perform tarpon or shark fishing you need to know some basic fishing techniques that are used widely by experts to capture tarpons and other huge fish with ease.

Some important tarpon fishing techniques are listed below:

Live bait technique:

Live bait technique is a basic tarpon fishing strategy that involves hooking a crab in the corner of the shell. You need to use a wide range of bait because it is not possible to predict the preference of the tarpon. Usually, crab and pinfish are used often to catch tarpon fish. Since, it is difficult to capture tarpons, it is important to get assistance from an expert bocagrande fishing guide.

Artificial baits technique:

Artificial baits are also used to capture tarpons but it depends on the quality of the bait used. Usually, big soft plastics that imitate bait fish are used often for tarpon fishing.

These are some basic techniques that are used widely to tarpon fishing. Since, tarpon fish are aggressive you need to be careful when the fish gets hooked and must capture the fish using proper hooking strategies.