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There are three periods that our skins are most in need of water every day. Do you know when they are and how to moisturize your skins? Don’t worry, I will tell you right now.

6 o’clock in the morning
In fact, our skin is in the loss of moisture all the time. And often in the morning, you will find your skin a little bit tight, and people with oily skin feel even more oil in the face. All these are the symptoms of water deficiency. Night was the most vigorous period of cell growth and repair, and both the cell renewing and metabolism consumes moisture. People with oily skin have to secrete more oil to balance the water shortages within the skin in order to achieve water balance. The warm environment is also constantly evaporating the water on surface of the skin.

It is essential to apply moisturizing lotion after washing faces. Of course, people should drink large amount of water to supplement water. If you feel your skin dry, you’d better use cream instead of milk, because the oil content in cream is more than milk. Dry skin not only needs water but also needs oil. Only the oil could lock the water and reach the goal of moisturizing.

3 O’clock in the afternoon
After a half day, if people work or live in the dry indoor environment, their skins must lack of water. Especially during one o’clock to three o’clock in the afternoon, the blood pressure and hormone secretion reduce and body begin to feel tired, so the skin is easy to have fine lines.

Prepare the moisturizing skin care products in your office. When you feel skin dry in the afternoon, you could wash your face and apply the product. Of course, it is much better to set a small electronic humidifier near your desk to supplement water in the air. What’s more, drinking more water is always right, for it could moisture the deep skins.

9 o’clock in the evening
There is no doubt that it is the driest time of skin before going to bed. The dry fine lines and water deficiency lines all appear on the face. At this moment, the immunity of skin is the lowest and its resistance to external stimulation is relatively weak, so skin is prone to allergic reactions.

Wash faces seriously and apply moisturizing mask on your face. After covering mask, you can do massage on your skins to accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism. We all know that the nutrition absorption effect in the evening is the best. So, the skin care should be treated seriously.

Water could regulate hormone secretion. If you are in the dry environment, your body will release more stress hormones, resulting in increasingly severe acne cases. At this time, water helps regulate the hormone secretion, balance bodily function and release the acne phenomenon. Since water has so many functions, we’d better drink at least eight cups of water every day. Of course, you can decide how to supplement water for your skin according to your skin situation.