How to Decorate Safe and Comfortable Children’s Bedroom

How to Decorate Safe and Comfortable Children’s Bedroom
How to Decorate Safe and Comfortable Children’s Bedroom

Child is always the focus concern of parents and society. All parents want to provide a healthy and clean environment for children to develop physically and mentally. How to achieve this aim? The followings are some principles parents should know:

Control multiple aspects to reduce decoration pollution. Children's room decoration is related to the pollution, including color pollution and materials pollution. Therefore, several aspects should be paid attention: On the color and design aspect, people can refer to the solution of green paint color; second, the environmental health indicators of materials meet the standard; third, control the amount of materials especially wood core board and paint.

From the perspective of a child, parents should communicate with the children and pay attention to the individual needs of children. Now in many families, parents decorate children’s room from their own perspective. In fact, it is not very appropriate. Different children have different requirements in furniture display, color and so on. Parents could talk with children and let them participate in the design.

Choose the soft and natural decoration materials. Because children are usually more active, it is better to adopt soft and natural materials on the children's room decoration. On the other hand, some space could be reserved for activity and graffiti. For example, they can hang a whiteboard or cork board on the wall.

Color should be fresh, bright and cheerful. Furniture and wall in children’s room could choose bright, relaxed and pleasant direction. According to boys and girls, parents could use different colors. It is beneficial to promote intellectual development of children if parents could choose appropriate colors according to different characteristics.

Ensure adequate soft light. Proper and adequate light makes the room warm and gives a sense of security to eliminate fear when a child is alone. Of course, lighting should be soft to avoid long shadows and bare light. The room also needs local lighting for children to read, do their homework and find objects.

The safety factor is critical. Security is one of the priorities to be considered. Try to avoid the appearance of edges and corners, do not use large areas of glass and mirrors in room; choose power outlet with cover to ensure that children cannot insert fingers in it; shelves should not be too high…

The above several factors should be taken into consideration in decorating children’s room. I am sure it will be quite comfortable for your children to live in.