Eating Raw and Cancer

red green and yellow chili peppers and green chili peppers
red green and yellow chili peppers and green chili peppers

As we all know, cancer is a typical disease of the immune system. Although each of us has the genetic factors of cancer, if we have a strong immune function and a complete immune system is very complete, then we can control the growth and reproduction of cancer cells in the body. That is to say, although there are also factors of cancer in our body, it is not necessarily to have cancer for us and we can still be alive healthily.

Therefore, if the immunity is low, immune cells will not play a role and immune function cannot work out. And then cancer occurs, so the order of the human body will be disrupted and the proliferation of cancer cells will spread crazier than the other cells. From this perspective, to improve the body’s immune system is the best method of treating cancer.

What are the benefits of eating raw food on cancer?

(1) Eating raw food can improve the body’s immune system. For cancer patients, the cause of death is often not the size of the tumor, but the loss of immune function, thus the body losing the defense capability.

(2) Eating raw food can improve the natural healing power of the body. Raw foods contain 30-40 kinds of raw materials such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and seaweed, of which the leather, leaves, roots, fruit, etc. are all retained. Such diet can ensure that the natural nutrients in the foods are absorbed by people authentically. The human body can absorb as quickly as possible, thus enhancing the body’s natural healing power.

(3) Raw food is the food that has very rich content of enzymes and chlorophyll. The chlorophyll and enzymes of green plants reduce waste generation, having a great effect on helping purify the blood.

(4) Raw food can implant fresh vitality in nature into the body. The organic combinations of dozens of kinds of foods include vitamins, fiber, minerals and cancer inhibition nutrients. These live nutrients not only inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in the human body, but also activate the body’s vitality.

(5) Raw food can clean the blood and excrete the unnecessary waste in the body, thus preventing various diseases induced by obesity.