Consider the Time as a Road

Consider the Time as A Road
Consider the Time as A Road

Time is one road, marching it to find your own ideal country. Do not fear the road with a long distance, do not fear the rough and rugged journey, because only there, you can bid farewell to ordinary and vulgar self, to bid farewell to the small and humble self, you can master your own.

Time is one road, marching it to find the flowers you desire in your mind, maybe she opens beside the lake, perhaps she is open in the valley, perhaps she opens on the hilltops… maybe you will be attracted by the bud; maybe you will be sad for that withered rose; perhaps you will fascinate the flowers beyond your reach; perhaps the colorful flowers in front of you make your eyes blurred confusion; However, you must go on, maybe the flower you want is in front of you.

Time is one road, marching it to appreciate that your footprint can reach any landscape between heaven and earth, because your mind needs to be expanded by the open ocean, need to be decorated by the beauty of glacier peaks, and need to be moist by rolling rivers, as well as need to be filled by the wilderness of vast desert…

Time is one road, marching bravely and firm to walk forward; when you fail, you will see the hope of success; when you are falling out of love, you will flung pain behind you; when you are at bottom of the fate, you will see the light; when you face challenges, you will be full of faith in the victory; when you are stopped by a sudden closed door, you will turn to another door which has opened... Because time is endless, so, heaven always leaves people a road.

Time is one road, marching it go over, you are a fearless traveler, and you will be able to read the best spring of earth, enjoy various scenery, so let our limited life enjoy the natural unlimited scenery.

Time is not used to let us slowly grow old, because it is a road, marching it go over, we will be able to be mature from pure, from empty to full, from poor to rich, and from short to eternal.

Consider time as a road, only in this way, you can enjoy the joy of victory in the challenge, and enjoy the happiness of success in the struggle, as well as enjoy the exceeding passion in the pursuit, and can enjoy the romantic poetry in the search of love.